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Innovation Gateway


The Society is partnering with leading engineering societies to create an education system using lessons from the history of technology to encourage students to pursue STEM careers. America Heritage’s Invention & Technology is the only popular magazine of the history of innovation and invention, beloved in the engineering community and respected for its serious yet accessible journalism.

Leveraging the magazine’s archives, the Center plans to develop this new website in partnership with several graduate schools of education and engineering, the National Academy of Engineering, and leading engineering societies such as ACS, ASME, and IEEE. 

“The goal of encouraging students to pursue STEM careers by showing them what engineers accomplish in the real world is an extremely important one,” says Ronald Welch, Dean of The Citadel’s School of Engineering. “It is my belief that we lose 50% of our potential engineering students because K?12 instructors teach math and science without giving real world applications showing how the principles are applied in civil, mechanical, electrical, or other areas of engineering.”